The Hero Inside

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the message

A message even more relevant after a pandemic!

You may be considering or beginning a huge change, entering your career again after raising a family or maybe just feeling that lack of innovation at the halftime of life or a career wondering, "What's Next?" What's next for YOU, for your BUSINESS and your CORPORATION?

The Summit-9-Deborah Johnson

Coming Fall 2021!

Hero Mountain®

You have everything it takes to climb your Hero Mountain® all the way to your summit!

Face the mind games, risks, confidence & comparison to move forward in your life & business!

Hero Mountain-Deborah Johnson 500

The Roundabout

When entering a roundabout, there are choices you make as to where you get off, all while avoiding merging traffic. If you stay circling in the middle, you go nowhere, both in life and in business. You have to eventually take the risk to get off!

Has your "why" been stolen?

If it feels like your "why" has been stolen, you need a stronger "purpose!" It will help you not only get off your roundabout, but develop your brand and platform with a clear direction, strong purpose and a place to go.

The Roundabout Hero™

As most know, there are multiple roundabouts in life and business. A health crisis, relationship change or lack of opportunity. Corporations face commoditized products, plateaus and changes in the market. Managers, department heads & account executives face a lack of innovation! You can either decide to stay circling in an endless roundabout, or once again face your fears and insecurities to navigate your roundabout once again. 


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Lucy Buchan

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Gave us practical tools and helpful perspectives to facilitate transition and adapting to change.

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Founder & Executive Director, B4B

Deborah is a captivating and inspirational keynote speaker. She ignites your imagination to envision a person you can become. Her webinars and presentations bring reality to our daily lives and provide the tools we need us to become the next us.

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