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Deborah Johnson

keynote speaker, thought leader, composer, author

My experience as a successful entrepreneur in the volatile field of Performing Arts makes me uniquely qualified to speak on the subject of positive mental code in life and leadership. Creating personal and professional momentum, working with a wide variety of team members including agents, managers, meeting planners and scores ofartists and actors has equipped me in running numerous varied projects and programs. I have discovered how to walk the delicate tightrope of negotiation in running showcase rooms across the country, with artists, agents, managers and hotels.

Hard Work...

Born on a Dairy Farm, I understand the value of HARD WORK. My father was raised milking cows. I heard the story often of how he had to get up multiple times a night to milk cows. There was no automation and somehow they all survived and thrived! The smell of fresh milk from a cow still brings back vivid memories!

In the last weeks of my father's life, he told me, "I'm not afraid of dying...I know where I'm going...but I REALLY LIKE LIVING!" I have resolved to live my life with that mantra and want to encourage as many other people as possible to do the same!

My Roots...

Grandma Allen-Deborah

My grandmother on my mom's side was a violinist and also played mandolin. She was an immigrant from Italy, playing in Carnegie Hall when she was 16 years old. She graduated from the New York Conservatory of Music, which was  quite a landmark for a woman in her era. She then entered an arranged marriage, had a dozen children and really never played again. To carry on her legacy, one of my sisters became a wonderful violinist and I was her accompanist for years. I have also used her on some of my recordings.

Grandma A-Conservatory-Deborah

...Yes, I've accomplished and DONE a lot, but what's most important is what I'm DOING now! I see so many not using their skills, talents and resources, especially at the halftime of life. (officially age 40+!) If you are there, I can help you but you have to take the first step!

Deborah Johnson

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