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THE HERO INSIDE is a message our world needs to hear now more than ever. Most of us are facing changes in either our corporations, small business or even personal lives. The next couple of years is going to require all of us to call upon the "hero" inside to overcome the negative hurdles that the economy throws out to create a thriving business!

This inspiring keynote message takes you or your team through not settling to just play "second fiddle" to your dreams, but calling upon everything you have inside to be the soloist & center stage in pursuing & accomplishing your dreams.

Deborah uses three simple & practical principles drawn from experience trying to escape being stuck on various roundabouts to help you escape being stuck in your own life and to call upon your Hero Inside!  The principles from her Roundabout Hero™  will come alive for you.

She uses her unique performance skills not only as a speaker, but as a headline music entertainer, incorporating her own compositions to weave a message that is not only impactful, but memorable. You and your team will walk away inspired to apply the truly transformational concepts they heard and experienced to soar with renewed strength and courage, and in my book, that spells success!


Identify your current position & unique skills that cause you to stand out in a noisy world. You have skills & experience that are very valuable! 

Respond & Grow

We’re all aware we’re in the midst of uncertain times, but life has always thrown us times of uncertainty, and will continue to do so. What decides our future is how we respond and grow through those times. 


During these times, each of us must call upon our personal strengths, or our “Hero Inside" to fuel our resolve with courage, confidence and skills.

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about deborah

Deborah Johnson, M.A.

DEBORAH  is an International award-winning music artist, speaker & author, helps others get unstuck and navigate their roundabouts to reinvent their life & reach expansive goals. Up for multiple GRAMMY Awards & spending over 20 years in the entertainment industry, she's an expert on how to constantly reinvent yourself in a gig-economy. Deborah is the author of four books, over two dozen albums, three musicals and has successfully raised and launched three sons! She speaks & performs in both live & virtual events.


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Practical tools and helpful perspectives to facilitate transition and adapting to change." 

Lucy Buchan, PhD


"I can fly!" shouted Mary, jumping from her seat. "Your message was such a breakthrough for me!" Mary Lou had recently lost her husband and lost herself in the process.

Mary Lou Clark

retreat attendee

Gave me a new perspective of how to move forward. 

Judy Bolton

international days conference

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